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韓國DAYCELL 魚腥草 生髪滾珠 20ml DAYCELL Derma Scalp Intensive Ampoule Roll-On Massager Hair Growth Essence


Daycell 品牌在韓國已經有20幾年的藥妝品牌,一直研發中草藥成分的MBA生髮液好多用家用過都大讚有效,除了各大藥品店,也有供應產品給江南區很多整形醫院的喔!

[Product Details]: 

Keep your hair healthy with a drop of cool Chinese herbal essence, which contains Houttuynia cordata, perilla leaf extract, green tea extract, etc. which can thicken hair and prevent hair loss. It can avoid hair loss when shampooing and blowing hair, and improve M and O-shaped hair loss.
[How to use]:
After cleansing the hair, it is best to use slightly wet or completely dry

✔️Use before bed time, works better!

✔️Shake it before using

✔️Gently press the tube to let the essence drain to the massage ball

✔️Massage the scalp with less hair

[Brand Details]: 

The Daycell brand has been a cosmeceutical brand in Korea for more than 20 years, and has been developing MBA hair restorer with Chinese herbal ingredients.In addition to major drug stores, there are also many plastic surgery hospitals in Jiangnan District!

The three-ball massage essence can activate the blood circulation of the scalp, repair atrophy and damaged scalp hair follicles, and can also supplement the nutrients needed for hair growth. Essence is extracted from various plants and Chinese medicinal materials. Use it daily can grow hair and nurture healthy scalp; Houttuynia cordata has the function of tissue regeneration.
[Whom to use]: 

 ✔️Severe hair loss

✔️Those with weak scalp

✔️Often hair styling and soft hair

韓國DAYCELL 魚腥草 生髪滾珠 20ml DAYCELL Derma Scalp Intensive Ampoule Roll-On Massager Hair Growth Essence



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