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澳洲珍珠美白防曬乳SPF50+(60ml) Unichi 11 Pearls Suncream Lotion SPF50+ (60ml)



・Unichi的11 pearls系列,名字好聽,包裝也好好看!號稱澳洲最輕薄的專業防曬。



主要功能: 阻隔紫外線,提供對 UVA & UVB 的雙重防護,能有效阻擋98%的紫外線對皮膚造成的損傷。

適用肌膚: 適合各式膚質。

使用方法: 出門前 20 分鐘,塗適量的防曬乳液至需要防曬的乾燥部位,之後每兩個小時補擦即可。 (特別是在游泳或運動後)


[Product desciption]

・Extremely light whitening sunscreen, refreshing and not greasy!

・Honk Kong singers, Deng Ziqi and Anita Yuen are pushing explosive models, super hot!

・Add vitamin E essence and moisturizing aloe vera to provide an extra moisture barrier to the skin!

・Unichi's 11 pearls series has a nice name and nice packaging! Known as Australia's thinnest professional sunscreen.

・Specially added aloe vera and vitamin E, powerful antioxidant ingredients to provide an extra layer of protection for the skin, soothing and water retention, sun protection and calming maintenance.

High sun protection factor, non-sticky and heavy; added aloe vera ingredients to improve moisture, not greasy; non-polishing, suitable for any skin tone, suitable for face and body.


[Product Information]

Main functions: Block ultraviolet rays, provide dual protection to UVA & UVB, and can effectively block 98% of the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Applicable skin: Suitable for all skin types.

How to use: 20 minutes before going out, apply a proper amount of sunscreen lotion to the dry areas that need sun protection, and then reapply every two hours. (Especially after swimming or exercising)

Note: Cosmetics and skin care products will not be returned or exchanged due to different skin types and allergies.

澳洲珍珠美白防曬乳SPF50+(60ml) Unichi 11 Pearls Suncream Lotion SPF50+ (60ml)



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