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澳洲 YPL 背背佳矯姿帶 [Pre-Order] YPL Back Corrector


經年累月的影響 不容忽視!!!
🔥 全球首款!!!無縫編織開肩美背矯姿帶
✅ 全面整合正型張力,均勻分布於頸、肩、背。
✅ 西班牙遠紅外線布料,反射熱能、促進循環
✅ 英國發泡乳膠內襯,具智能記憶。
✅ 特殊極細纖維製成,彈性佳、具質感。
✅ 質料舒適、貼身,平時穿戴也不突兀~
✅ X型立體編織,比一般織法的拉力強2.5倍!
㊙️ 科學矯正體態
🔹 360度矯正力整合您的肩膀和背部 美背正型,使背部保持筆直肩膀保持正確的位置。

🔹 智能記憶每日體態細微變化。

🔹 內穿隱形穿搭設計 方便不尷尬。

🉐 每天只需穿戴兩小時,即可使讓特殊織法的矯姿帶均勻分佈壓力於上身,進而達到輔助改善姿勢的功效。確保肌肉和骨骼正確對齊,從而減輕身體疲勞和壓力,改善頸部和背部疼痛,並防止脊椎不規則地固定在特定位置,有效緩解頸椎問題‼️

The first release in the world!!! Seamless braided open-shoulder beauty back posture correction belt.

Product Features:

✅ Fully integrated positive tension, evenly distributed on the neck, shoulders and back.

✅ Spanish far-infrared fabrics reflect heat and promote circulation

✅ British foam latex lining, with smart memory.

✅ Made of special ultra-fine fibers, with good elasticity and texture.

✅ The material is comfortable and close to the body, and it is not abrupt to wear in normal times

✅ X-shaped three-dimensional weaving, the tensile force is 2.5 times stronger than the general weave!

360-degree correction force integrates your shoulders and back; smart memory for subtle changes in daily posture; Invisible wearing design; two hours will correct your position! 

Material: 86% nylon+14% lycra fiber

澳洲 YPL 背背佳矯姿帶 [Pre-Order] YPL Back Corrector



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