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極線持久眼線液 0.55ml +EyeCon藝想調色眼彩盤 兩色 KAIBEAUTY Timeless Lasting Eyeliner 0.55ml + EyeCon Palette - Two Colors

顏色#深邃黑+#火星 Dark black + Mars


  • 9款色調 x 4種質地-可恣意變換各式妝感,輕鬆玩轉於眼彩混搭的發色魅力
  • 為雙眸抹上宛如火星般變化萬千的謎樣色彩,呈現立體美眸,耀你的雙眸炫耀全宇宙!
  • 絲緞 SHIMMER:若隱若現、柔滑服貼的絲緞光感色系。
  • 柔霧 MATTE:具優越發色性且帶有淨透感的霧面眼影。
  • 星砂 GLITTER:獨家展色科技、流露星光般閃爍的輕金屬眼影。
  • 鑽石 DIAMOND:革命性濕式多角形鑽粉,打造華麗熠熠的高級感。
  • 運用獨家的多重成膜技術,大幅提升眼線的持久度和穩定性!
  • 全天候維持乾淨利落的眼線妝容,讓你自信破表,電力滿格!
  • 精心研發的『速乾定色配方』,一筆流暢描繪,在完成後五秒的時間內迅速收乾!
  • 一筆畫出60公尺不斷線的流暢線條,讓你的雙眸擁有絕不斷電的超強續航力!


  • 以火星不同的元素發想,研選9色眼彩必備經典百搭色
  • 精心調配的高實用性色系,可恣意駕馭各式眼妝,讓你用Mars EyeCon 演繹時尚Icon
  • 絲緞般的細緻眼影粉質,柔滑貼膚不飛粉
  • 革命性獨特的展色科技讓發色持久飽滿
  • 單用展現淨透色澤,也可多種顏色疊擦使用,完美暈染不會相互濁色
  • 挑戰速乾極限,再創大眼奇蹟!最強眼妝發電機,長效持妝絕不斷電!
  • 超時抗暈眼線液!幫你掌握關鍵時刻,全天候明亮動人!
  • 五秒速乾定色!同步定色完妝,解救各類眼型的暈妝困擾!



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Product Features

9 shades x 4 textures-you can freely create all kinds of makeup looks! Easily play with the charm of eye colors, mix and match hair color.

Paint your eyes with mysterious colors that change like Mars, present three-dimensional beautiful eyes, and show off your eyes to show off the universe!

SHIMMER: looming, silky satin light-sensitive color.

Mist MATTE: A matte eye shadow with superior color development and a clear feel.

GLITTER: Exclusive color rendering technology, light metallic eyeshadow that shines like a star.

DIAMOND: Revolutionary wet polygonal diamond powder, creating a gorgeous and luxurious sense of luxury.

Add customized "light feather fiber" to gently join and extend each eyelash, perfectly covering the eyelashes!

The use of exclusive multiple film forming technology greatly enhances the durability and stability of the eyeliner!

Maintain a clean and neat eyeliner makeup all day long, making you confident to break your watch and full of power!

The meticulously developed "Quick-Dry Color Fixing Formula", a smooth drawing, quickly dries in five seconds!

Draw a smooth line with 60 meters of continuous line in one stroke, giving your eyes a super battery life that is absolutely uninterrupted!

Place of Production: Korea; Expiration: 3 years

    Note:Varies upon on individual's condition. No return accepted. 

    極線持久眼線液 0.55ml +EyeCon藝想調色眼彩盤 兩色 KAIBEAUTY Timeless Lasting Eyeliner 0.55ml + EyeCon Palette - Two Colors



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