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SnN真皮手工鞋-質感真皮羅馬涼鞋【2種顏色款式】[Pre-Order] SnN Genuine Handcrafted Shoes- Genuine Roman Sandals 【two styles】

Color棕色 Brown

※ 每雙鞋款皆為手工訂製,恕不退換,請謹慎挑選尺寸



質感真皮羅馬涼鞋  /   顏色 / . 黑 

特色  / 羅馬涼鞋的腳背美學  / 走進波希米亞魅力的世界 


1. 交叉型迴繞皮革 完美55%裸肌度,比例拉長。

2. 流線設計修飾腳背線條 充滿層次感的流線設計,在視覺上延伸拉長比例,可修飾腳背線條,創造迷人的波希米亞風格。

3. 高成本高密度彈力乳膠 鞋墊採用4mm蛋糕慢回彈乳膠,搭配荔枝紋蠟感牛皮鞋墊,耐髒耐穿不留腳印,鞋墊為本染牛皮,荔枝壓紋有防滑效果。

4. 隱藏鬆緊帶,穿脫方便 防繡扣環後有隱藏鬆緊帶,手指一勾便可輕鬆穿脫,防鏽抗氧化扣環質感佳。

5. 不磨腳夾腳設計 鞋面是柔軟的羊皮革,內裡是柔細的豚皮,後度適中不磨腳。

6. 苯染透氣吸汗頭層豚皮 內裡採用柔細真豚皮,柔細親膚,透氣吸汗,保持足部清爽不易腳臭,因為是真皮,故會有自然紋路,毛孔或偶有小點是正常現象,裸腳穿依就舒適乾爽無異味。

7. 獨家進口日本頂級小羊皮 100% 頂級蠟感小羊皮革,手工打造,高質感皮革,柔軟彈性佳,保有天然皮革的毛孔透氣,全皮透染非塗料,歷久彌新,結構紮實有韌性,自然親膚舒適。             【日本皮革工廠皆經SGS檢驗合格】 

8. 防滑耐磨TPR橡膠底 使用TPR橡膠材質,耐磨、防滑抓地力強,超輕量,單鞋僅200g



※Each pair of shoes is handcrafted customized. No return or change. Please choose the size carefully



Genuine Roman Sandals) /   Color / Brown , Black

Feature / The Beauty of Roman Sandals / Into the attractive world of Bohemian

The durable, classical and romantic Bohemian style; the upper radiates relaxing and fashionable attitude by different textures and multi-layer lines and figures: 

1. Crossed and circled leather →  perfect 55% nude look, extend proportion.

2. Design of streamline to modify instep line → full of the multi-layer streamline design, to extend the proportion and modify instep line, and to create charming Bohemian style. 

3. High cost and high density rebound latex → insole features 4mm slow rebound latex, which goes lychee leather waxed cowhide, stain resistant,  durable. Insole is made by aniline finish cowhide. Lychee leather makes it non-slippery.

4. Hided elastic band, easy on and off → the back of anti-rust ring has elastic band hided. One finger can take it off. Anti-rust ring has good quality.

5. The design that will not rub against the heel → the upper is made by soft lambskin, the vamp lining is the soft capybara leather. The thickness of vamp lining will not rub against the heel.

6. Aniline finish breathable top-layer capybara → vamp lining utilizes genuine capybara, soft and skin-friendly, breathable and perspiration, keep the feet refreshing and cause no smell. There will be natural texture because of genuine leather. It is normal to have pores and slight dots. Naked feet will be still comfortable, refreshing with no smell. 

7. Exclusive Japanese imported best lambskin →100% best waxed lambskin, handcrafted, best quality, soft and rebound, keep breathable of natural leather, dyed leather, lasting longer, strong and tough, natural and skin-friendly. 

【Japanese leather factories are all tested by SGS】

8. Non-slippery and anti-friction TPR rubber insole → TPR rubber, anti-friction, non-slippery with best traction, extreme light weight, single shoe 200g. 

*Pre-order customized. 9-28 waiting period (holiday excluded). No rushing order accepted.*

SnN真皮手工鞋-質感真皮羅馬涼鞋【2種顏色款式】[Pre-Order] SnN Genuine Handcrafted Shoes- Genuine Roman Sandals 【two styles】



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