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D/AMO幹細胞精‮眼華‬凝露 D/AMO Essence Treatment


目前全日本最紅的黑科技, 居家醫美保養型商品,號稱電眼小熨斗,眼霜界新革命!







[Product description]
At present, the most popular black technology in Japan! Home medical and beauty products, known as electric eye irons, a new revolution in the eye cream world!
Developed by Ayumi Hamasaki, an innovative product in the Japanese medical and beauty industry, "Microneedle Electric Eye Cream"!
・A salon-level brand produced by anti-aging technology from the Ginza Plastic Surgery Hospital in Japan (Japan's popular queen Ayumi Hamasaki Medical Surgery Hospital)
・Recommended by the chief expert of Japan's Top.1 Aesthetic Medicine Awards
[Product Information]
・D/AMO Stem Cell Essence Eye Gel, from Apple Stem Cell Renewal (Swiss Invention Award), injects nutrients into the skin to repair damaged cells; coupled with a vibrating eye massage stick, the two-in-one effect is doubled!
・It can effectively activate 90%-95% of dormant epidermal stem cells, divide tens of thousands of living cells, renew senescent cells, repair damaged tissues, and promote skin cell regeneration.
Ergonomic massage head, 360-degree close to the eyes and skin around, perfect deep massage:
・Light texture, strong absorption and penetration, and its unique massage technique of the conductive head speeds up the circulation and metabolism of the eye skin, solves dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, and is not easy to grow fat particles
・With 3000 rpm micro-current massage per second, the head effectively relieves the eye circulation, promotes the absorption of 98% of the nutrients, and sufficient dryness around the eyes Nourish cytokines, restore skin elasticity
Touch with your hand to squeeze out 2-3ml of the essence from the front handle and gently massage around the eyes until it is fully absorbed. You will feel the deep touch of the micro-current guide head from being cold to slightly warming. ( The guide head will vibrate automatically after touching the skin)
(Translated from the original website in Japan)
Capacity: 15g

D/AMO幹細胞精‮眼華‬凝露 D/AMO Essence Treatment



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