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第四代Vella頸霜 Vella Anti-Aging Neck Cream












1. 塗抹好頸霜,雙手從下往上做提拉式按摩。

2. 由左下往右上推送到耳後淋巴結,然後沿著淋巴腺輕輕往下推送到鎖骨凹陷處淋巴結。

3. 在頸紋較為嚴重的區域,一隻手呈剪刀妝把頸紋撐開,另一隻手用指腹上殘留的頸霜輕輕以螺旋狀做按摩。


[Product description]

More powerful 2 times iron neck cream/faint golden luster, and the texture is delicate and moisturizing/ quickly absorbed by the skin and the skin feels highly moisturizing and non-sticky/ Eliminate neck lines, reduce neck fat, eliminate double chin, and tighten neck skin!

The neck is the easiest place to be overlooked and also the most likely to leak age, the usual maintenance should not be careless! Recommended for those who are troubled by wrinkles, not only on the neck, corners of the eyes, horoscope pattern, eyebrows and other areas prone to wrinkles! Many people have a misunderstanding about neck care: "Don't use facial cream to replace your neck cream!" Because the cream used for oily skin contains balanced oils, it will not moisturize the neck! The cream used for dry skin is too oily and difficult to absorb on the neck! The sebum and sweat glands of the neck skin are only one-third of that of the face. Therefore, there is too little oil secretion and it is easy to be dehydrated. Also, the skin is squeezed due to frequent activities, and neck wrinkles will form over time, so be sure to use neck cream for maintenance!

[Product Information] ・

Increase collagen, firming skin effect, contains soft gold powder, repair broken layer sebum and neck wrinkle cream, deeply improve skin texture, improve uneven skin tone, moisturize and whiten, repair firm and aging skin, regenerate full and elastic skin

・Contains calcium, amino acids, and tripeptides to nourish the skin, with strong antioxidant properties, and a rare hexapeptide, which reduces facial muscle contraction, smooths lines, creates a fine protein film, and improves firmness

Instructions: It can be used in the morning and evening every day.

1. Apply the neck cream, and do a lifting massage with both hands from bottom to top.

2. Push from lower left to upper right to the lymph nodes behind the ear, and then gently push down along the lymph glands to the lymph nodes in the depression of the clavicle.

3. In the area with severe neck wrinkles, use one hand to spread the neck wrinkles with scissors, and use the remaining neck cream on the fingertips to gently massage in a spiral with the other hand.

Note: Cosmetics and skin care products will not be returned or exchanged due to different skin types and allergies.

第四代Vella頸霜 Vella Anti-Aging Neck Cream



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