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Secret Key 酵母精華神仙水 [Pre-Order] Secret Key Treatment Essence



韓國號稱平價版的SK II ,酵母神仙水精華面膜含90%以上的酵母代謝濾液,兼具美白及改善皺紋的精華液,補充水分,幫助改善肌膚狀態,有效增強肌膚彈力。產品不含對人體有害物,敏感肌膚也能放心使用!



主要成分: 酵母代謝濾液、熊果素、腺苷酸、白茅根提取物、白果槲寄生葉提取物、葡萄柚果提取物、迷迭香提取物

使用方法: 臉部清潔後,敷面膜20分鐘,然後擠出精華,繼續拍臉吸收


[Product description]

Korean known as the cheap version of SK II, the Yeast Fairy Water Essence Mask contains more than 90% of yeast metabolism filtrate.

It also has whitening and wrinkle-reducing essences, replenishing moisture, helping to improve skin condition, and effectively enhancing skin elasticity. The product does not contain harmful substances to the human body, so sensitive skin can be used with confidence!

7 powerful functions: moisturizing, elasticity, whitening, anti-wrinkle, calming, anti-oxidation, improving skin texture

[Product Information] Main ingredients: Yeast metabolism filtrate, arbutin, adenylic acid, Imperata cylindrica root extract, ginkgo mistletoe leaf extract, grapefruit fruit extract, rosemary extract

How to use: After cleansing the face, apply the mask for 20 minutes, then squeeze out the essence and continue to pat the face to absorb

Note: Cosmetics and skin care products will not be returned or exchanged due to different skin types and allergies.

Secret Key 酵母精華神仙水 [Pre-Order] Secret Key Treatment Essence



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